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Discover trends and insights that are hidden in the vast amount of historical cases available, and assist legal teams with their analysis

Numtra helps law firms discover trends and insights that are hidden in the vast amount of case data available and assists legal teams with the analysis. Data analysis is also useful for building the best legal team with members that have the right skills to achieve the desired outcome.

Lawyers are capable of reviewing unstructured data such as case documents and transcripts, but structured data contained in spreadsheets and call logs can be more difficult to analyze. Data analysis helps legal teams take this structured data and generate insights more efficiently and effectively for use in their cases. Examining all of this data helps provide links that may have been missed without the use of technology. In addition, historic case data is analyzed, which can help legal teams make more informed decisions as they strategize an approach.

Data analysis assists corporations in hiring their legal teams. Data collected from various firms and individual lawyers from previous case records, such as win ratio, number of resolutions, and litigation time, can help determine who is the best fit for a particular case and most likely to achieve the desired outcome. The same concept can be applied to firms seeking the best new talent. Data collected from law schools and previous work experience allows firms to make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring a person that will be the best fit for the company.

Numtra helps takes unstructured data and correlates it with insights gathered from structured data, so lawyers can build stronger cases. Data and predictive analysis can also be used to effectively choose a legal team or employees that are most likely to succeed with a specific case.

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