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Identify high performing clinics, predict clinic capacity by study, and improve patient satisfaction by making the clinical trial process more efficient from start to finish

Numtra is making the healthcare industry more efficient by optimizing the clinical trial process from start to finish and increasing patient satisfaction while keeping costs low for hospitals.

Data analysis improves the success of clinical trials by assisting in patient recruitment and generating insights from data collected during the study. Often times clinical trials are delayed due to problems with patient enrollment, which can cost pharmaceutical companies more money each day. Models are built leveraging data to effectively target segments of the population for more streamlined enrollment. Predictive modeling effectively determines which patients are more likely to successfully complete the enrollment process, and who will ultimately dropout. Pharmaceutical companies collect data throughout trials, and using advanced analytics provides better insights that lead to reduced costs and better-quality information used for decision making.

Data science is reshaping healthcare in hospitals by keeping costs low while maintaining patient satisfaction. Hospitals streamline their operations using platforms that intake large volumes of data and recommend the correct course of action. This optimizes every step of the process from patient intake to lab tests to discharge procedures. Data collected throughout a patient’s stay is used to better predict what tests to order, which reduces time and money wasted on unnecessary procedures and leads to a more accurate diagnosis. Just like in manufacturing, data is used to optimize hospital operations to increase patient capacity and reduce time between patient admittance and discharge. Together this keeps hospital costs at a minimum and helps healthcare providers to better assist their patients.

Large amounts of data are generated during clinical trials and day-to-day hospital operations. Numtra helps healthcare companies increase their efficiency and gather more valuable insights from the available data.

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