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Engage watchers and increase viewership for music and movies by targeting customers with customized recommendations and promotions for the specific customer segment

Numtra engages watchers and increases viewership for music and movie streaming services with customized recommendations and promotions that target specific customer segments.

Music, TV, and movie streaming services account for a big chunk of consumers’ daily internet use. Data is being collected, analyzed, and monitored every time a consumer is online, and predictive analysis has become an important feature to keep customers engaged and subscribed to the service. Effective predictive analysis recommends music and shows what a subscriber is most likely to enjoy based on their past behavior, and successfully keeps that consumer engaged and happy to continue paying for that service.

Predictive analysis and machine learning also identify trends to make sure a service has the best library with products the market is demanding. There are a lot of streaming services available today, and customers are likely to subscribe to ones that have the largest selection that match their interests and keeps them engaged on a daily basis. If a customer searches for titles that aren’t available, or isn’t interested in recommendations, they are more likely to stop using that service and switch to one that better meets their needs.

Each customer is unique, and marketing departments can’t allocate resources towards customized promotions for each person. Numtra uses machine learning models to effectively target customer groups with customized advertising and recommendations that ultimately increase use of your entertainment services.

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