Growing your Data Science Capabilities

Numtra’s Unique Approach

We leverage your strengths and help to fill in the gaps

Numtra offers a complementary evaluation of your goals, objectives, data and needs and then we formulate the business case, the potential ROI for your data science projects.  From there, we deliver a project plan with specific recommendations and metrics for success, before you invest.

Our client engagement process is flexibly designed to include your internal resources, your expertise, while filling in the gaps and providing training where needed.  Whether it’s a machine learning expert, a data engineer, an application developer or a data science platform, Numtra provides the resources you need, while maximizing the value your existing staff.   When a project is finished, either Numtra or your staff can continue optimize and leverage models developed with new data and training sets.

Numtra’s services below, along with our use of open source technologies provides the most cost-effective means to achieve your data science goals.

Our Services

Data Engineering
  • Objective measurement of data assets
  • Cleansing, identifying, filling gaps and matching records
  • Transforming and Normalizing the data
  • Extracting and automating training data sets
  • Data Quality Assessment Plan
Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Develop, maintain and tune models
  • Run in a production environment
  • Scale up capacity only when needed
Presentation & Insights
  • Stunning visualizations with Tableau, D3 JS, HTML5
  • Action Insights through RESTful APIs
  • Insights accessible through Reports and Graphs
  • Graph DB

Pilot Program

Are you unsure of where to begin, or skeptical about the impact of data science? We offer a low risk, proof-of-concept program that can be delivered at-cost to quickly pilot a solution and evaluate the impact on your business. Contact us to learn more about the program and evaluate if it is the right fit for your company.