Customized solutions across a range of industries

Data Engineering

Data is the core asset of any organization. It exists in silos, myriad formats, databases, and database systems. Numtra provides methodologies and tools to bring data into a single, cohesive view. We help ingest both structured and unstructured data from all sources to build an efficient internal, canonical model. This is consolidated into a data lake for data cleansing, filling data gaps, feature extraction, statistical analysis, and data science solutions.


Machine Learning & AI

Over the past few years, Numtra has worked with myriad clients to deliver data science solutions. We create self-learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy over time. Systems powered by these models analyze data and learn new things from them which results in fast and reliable insights delivered without any human intervention.



Implement product recommendations, personalize promotions, increase basket size, and grow customer spending while increasing the amount of users visiting your eCommerce website


Disrupt the next industrial revolution by predicting maintenance of machinery, optimizing the supply chain, and increasing efficiency of operations


Decrease risk by predicting delinquency, increase profitability by combating insurance fraud, and improve your customer satisfaction by detecting and thwarting consumer fraud before it happens

Health Care: Clinical Trial

Identify high performing clinics, predict clinic capacity by study, and improve patient satisfaction by making the clinical trial process more efficient from start to finish

Health Care: Hospitals

Eliminate dead-spots, reduce hot-spots in patient pathways through the hospital, and increase patient satisfaction and staff efficiency while keeping costs low


Engage watchers and increase viewership for music and movies by targeting customers with customized recommendations and promotions for the specific customer segment


Elevate education by grading students work in MOOC courses using AI, summarizing a long whitepaper for easier comprehension, and detecting plagiarism in students’ work are some ways this sector is getting disrupted


Using data science to maximize yield in crops, detect bad crops and prevent them from consuming all of the nutrients, and engage in smart farming using hydroponics are some ways we are modernizing agriculture


Enhance your clients’ experience with route optimization, forecast shipping demands, and drive operational excellence by predicting the correct capacity, thereby saving precious time and money

Sales & Marketing

Stop customers from leaving and increase your new customers by targeting promotions to the individual customer segments, and staying ahead of brand sentiment

Legal Intelligence

Discover trends and insights that are hidden in the vast amount of historical cases available, and assist legal teams with their analysis

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