Numtra AI Platform

An AI Platform for Analysts


The world’s easiest AI Platform that empowers Analysts and non-data scientists to harness the power of AI and solve business problems


Simple, intuitive interface that is easy to use

Simple & Easy By Design

Business focused experience. We don’t believe Analysts know or even care about technology. So, we have abstracted it out completely and exposed a very simple interface that is focused on solving the business problem.

Visualize and Transform Features

Auto Feature Engineering. If you just want the Platform’s AI engine to do its magic and perform all possible transformations and give you visibility, you can do that. All you have to do is go to the next step.

Manual Feature Engineering. With a toggle switch, you take control. You can decide what features to use, what transformations to apply, how much to sample from the original dataset for computing transformations.

AI Model results on a Dashboard

Visualize Results. When the Platform does its magic, it will show you top 10 best of breed AI Models that gave best results and all relevant metrics associated with the best AI model.

Automatic deployment in Dev Environment. The best AI Model is automatically deployed on the Dev environment for you to test the model and gain confidence with results. No figuring out how to deploy, where to deploy etc.

AI Model Deployment & Management

CI & CD. We don’t To help with continuous integration and continuous deployment, the Platform gives an easy way to deploy the AI Models in Staging and Production environments.

Easy way to retrain the Models. A very easy and intuitive way to retrain models to avoid insights that are stale.

REST API endpoints The API endpoints are shown in the Staging and Production Environment screens so all the relevant information is in one place.


Peace of Mind

No obligation free trial & Azure ecosystem

Free Trial

The easiest Platform in the world now also comes with a free 30 day trial with no obligation to buy.

We don’t need any credit cards for enrolling into the trial subscription.

Azure Ecosystem

Numtra AI Platform is available on the Azure Marketplace.

Numtra Platform has gone through the stringent security and performance quality gates to give you peace of mind.

Numtra AI uses latest technologies like Databricks, MLFlow, Containers, GPU servers for solving your toughest problems.

Azure Subscription

You deploy Numtra AI using your subscription for Azure.

This gives you unlimited access to storage, power and unlimited users can use the Platform.

You retain full control on budgeting, performance and scalability for AI workloads in your Enterprise.

Ready to take Numtra AI for a spin