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Increase Profit Margins
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Reduce Churn
Determine Brand Sentiment
Optimize Marketing Spend
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Technology companies continuously strive to maximize user engagement, identify new revenue streams, and deliver great service. Numtra helps in each of these areas, from exposing a clearer picture of product usage to preemptively identifying critical business issues before they occur.

Recommendation algorithms, where consumers who bought X are likely to also want Y, drive considerable sales for leading eTailers like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple’s iTunes. While these companies have been working on their algorithms for at least 10 years, advances in machine learning and cloud computing, along with reduced storage and computational costs, enable a greater number of companies to participate in this sales lift bonanza. The following case study discusses Netflix’s effort and success with their recommendations engine.

Data science is enabling retail to become modern and truly digital. Numtra works with retailers to personalize customer interactions, streamline inventory management and operations, automate transactions and more.


Financial Services

From banking to insurance, there are countless sets of detailed consumer-level and transactional data within financial services. Numtra helps businesses mitigate risk and drive value so they can better serve customers and maintain profits.

Data is crucial for manufacturing and the supply chain. Numtra helps leading manufacturers optimize their processes, meet regulations and accelerate their businesses with innovations in IoT, machine learning and advanced analytics.



Big data has unlocked enormous efficiencies for farmers and exposed new ways to cultivate soil, grow crops, and raise livestock. Numtra works with agricultural partners to increase production quality and quantity while controlling for cost and promoting sustainability.