Excel Add-in

Invoke Machine Learning models and get prediction from Numtra Platform entirely in Excel


Numtra helps businesses extract actionable insights with Data Science. Big data is shaping our future. We are engineers and scientists with expertise in extracting insights from large quantities of disparate data.  Our team is passionate about data science, and our founders have over 22 years of combined big data and machine learning experience. With market-leading data solutions and deep Data Science expertise, Numtra empowers businesses with actionable insights to solve problems today and get ahead of tomorrow’s biggest opportunities.

If you are an Analyst and want to get better results using AI, use the Numtra AI Service. With the Numtra AI Service, all you have to do is bring your data and we do the rest. With a single click, you can deploy the models to production and get a ready to use API which your developers would love! We do all the magic behind the scenes by making the best-of-breed AI technologies (Data-bricks, auto Feature Engineering, auto ML, ML-Flow, Azure containers) to create top performing models and readily accessible and easy-to-use.

Excel Add-in

Excel and Numtra integration is easy with Numtra For Excel Add-in. Invoke Machine Learning models and get prediction from Numtra Platform entirely in Excel. With 1-click, users can feed data to ML services deployed in their Numtra Platform and get predictions right in the sheet.

Numtra Exposes API’s for deployed ML models. If you have the Numtra Platform you just need to point the Add-in towards your Instance of Numtra Platform and login using your credentials. All your models will be fetched into the Excel. Where you can select any model to use with an Excel sheet.

You can maintain multiple scenarios. Attach individual sheets to specific ML models and compare the results. You can share the workbook with your colleagues. The workbook will retain the ML models information. All they need to do is select data from sheet and click predict. The Add-in will take care of the rest.

The Add-in can only be used if you already have acquired Numtra Platform. You can visit Azure marketplace

or contact our support team to get more information.

Once you have the Platform follow the below instructions to get started.


  • Launch the task pane add-in form Home bar. You will have the option to Login. Click on the login button, insert test credentials and after Login you will be re-directed to Model Catalog.
  • Enter the Scenario Name (a name you want to assign for your ease)
  • Select Project, application, and environment.
  • Select the checkbox against Model Name to select the model or click on file Icon to see model details.
  • Click save, to save the configuration.
  • Click on Predict tab from navigation bar, select the configuration you just saved. Then follow these steps:
  • Select some rows from sheet. You will be prompted if your selection has header or not.
  • Click yes if you have selected header row with the data, otherwise click no. Your selection will be loaded.
  • Click on the Output column text field.
  • Then select the column in sheet where you want the output.
  • Select an empty column for output. The Add-in will populate predictions against each row in that column.
  • You can always insert these values manually.
  • Click on Predict button. Numtra for Excel will communicate with ML model, and load predictions for selected data in output column.