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Numtra Data Science Platform

Numtra’s “no-code” platform enables business users to easily apply data science. A convenient drag and drop interface for customizable solutions at your fingertips puts the decision maker in the driver’s seat. From data ingestion to feature engineering to modeling using data science platform is fully automated and accelerates time to insight.

Key Features

Data Discovery & Ingestion

  • Support for unstructured and structured data
  • SQL query interface to all data sources
  • Drag-n-drop data ingestion modules
  • Built-in connectors for all data sources
  • Statistical analysis of ingested data
  • Data sampling & tagging support
  • Data source check-pointing and auditing

Business Process Modeling

  • Business process modeling workflow studio
  • Blending of disparate data sources
  • Blending of GIS and non-GIS data
  • Support for Lambda architecture
  • Business process versioning
  • Business process model testing
  • Partial business model execution

Machine Learning

  • Drag-n-drop ML model builder
  • Industry standard ML models
  • Support for R, Python and Scala
  • Model operations & management
  • Support for offline and online analytics services
  • Embeddable ML models


  • Built-In visualization
  • Support for external visualization (Tableau & Power BI)
  • D3 based HTML5/JavaScript Framework
  • Customizable analytics dashboards
  • Embeddable visual components

Developer Experience

  • Expose ML model as Restful API for app development
  • Support for web app development
  • Support for mobile app development
  • Auto-scale API
  • Support for application single sign-on
  • API monitoring and logging

Security and Access Control

  • At-Rest data encryption
  • Support for 2-Factor authentication
  • Integration with Apache Knox & Ranger
  • Integration with LDAP
  • Support for Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Support for external KMS
  • Support for security Audit


  • Native Docker container support
  • Native micro services support
  • One-click deployment - development, staging, production
  • Self-service and fully automated
  • Auto-scale infrastructure
  • Auto-scale application container
  • Auto-scale Big Data stack


  • System health check
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Cluster & application monitoring
  • Log management
  • Customizable monitoring dashboard
  • Ganglia integration
  • Enhanced spark application metrics
  • Subscription based monitoring events


  • Native Spark support for GIS operations
  • Support for Spark based geospatial joins
  • Interactive GIS analytics
  • Interactive temporal and spatial analytics
  • Support for GIS layers and tiling
  • Integration with ESRI GIS library and maps
  • Blending and federation of GIS and non-GIS data

Platform Architecture

Numtra Platform Editions

Price1 30 day trial Subscription Subscription Subscription Subscription
Data Sources All All All All All
IoT Platform Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IoT Devices No Up to 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Nodes Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Science Models All All All All All
Business Size All SMB SMB Enterprise All
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Support Yes2 Yes2 Yes2 Yes3 Yes3
Custom Apps No No Yes Yes Yes
Platform Customization No Yes Yes Yes Yes

  1. Does not include cloud hosting costs
  2. One business day response time
  3. 4 hour response times 24/7

Key Industries

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