Data Modeling Tools

An Effective Strategy Aligns the Team, the Plan, the Execution, and the Data.

Want to know how your competitors are able to flow through so much data analysis without drowning in it?

They visualize it.  Lines on a spreadsheet will only tell you so much about your business.  There are simple, elegant ways to look at data from a high-level perspective, and that starts with the right data modeling tools.

Depending on the industry you are in, there are a lot of powerful systems that can get you from the point of data ingestion to data modeling.  Companies are collecting enormous amounts of data and need help storing it, managing it, analyzing it, and using it to predict problems and outcomes.

Tech companies use programming languages like Java, C#, Python and R. You might be using these languages in your own company for developing applications. You may also be using Tableau to pull data to create graphs and charts, to generate reports, and send automated emails.  Your company might already be collecting vital data from data servers like AWS, SQL, and Oracle.  Not sure how to optimize all these disparate systems that your business uses?  No problem.  Numtra is approachable, affordable, and system-obsessed.  Not sure how to use your data quickly and effectively?  No problem.  Numtra will create stunning visualizations for you with Tableau, D3 JS, and HTML5.  You’ll be able to browse and edit logical, relational, physical, multi-dimensional, and data type models.

Data Modeling Done Right.

Many unstructured data sets exist of plain text, image, audio, and visual files that contain valuable information.  Discovering patterns in multimedia data involves extracting implicit knowledge from these varied sources.  Numtra will extract, transform, and load coefficients from our linear regression model into a modeling pipeline to make decisions in real time.  Modeling pipelines are not easy to work with because there are no standards in tech.  As a data modeler, you can’t use C++ or Java, you want to use a higher level language, but it’s difficult to connect that input and output to a database, connect that to a frontend UI, and make decisions quickly.  Fortunately, there might not be a standard pipeline, but Numtra has created a very effective version of our own.  You won’t have to pay us a large amount of money to create one, like you would to other companies, because ours has already been built for you.

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