Big Data Analytics Tools

When facing the full volume of data available for businesses, it’s easy to feel clouded and miss a lot of information.
You might be missing out on the most important opportunity for your company.

What’s selling?

Businesses use data to answer the fundamental question: what sells? Further: what’s selling, and why is it selling?

With the launch of the cloud, many small businesses have gained access to Big Data through rapidly advancing technology, but they might lack the capability to use it.  Larger firms tend to use proprietary software to manage their own data but smaller ones often lack the Big Data Analytics tools to do so.

Paralysis by Analysis

Building a precise strategy by using Big Data is difficult.  Many companies lack the resources to do it, and better-equipped companies use this to their benefit.

When it comes to Big Data, “what sells?” is too vague and the answers will be vague as well.  It’s like drinking out of a firehose.  As a strategist, you must ask yourself, “What are the right questions, and can I answer them with the data at hand?

Numtra can help you come up with those questions, given the data available.  At the beginning of the process, we help your business access and integrate data (all the little clicks and touchpoints that occur on a website) mined by Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or your own on-premise data center.  Then we use Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and HBase to inform the frameworks and studio tools that we have pre-created.   These communicate to an Application Programming Interface (API) and come up with a machine-readable format that facilitates faster access to data retrieval, processing, and the ultimate result: a tailored Big Data App that answers the right questions.

For further information on our platform architecture, please visit our data science link.

Affordable Big Data Apps Designed for Your Needs

As an SAAS company, Numtra builds accessible software to fine-tune a very effective interface to answer your most pressing questions.

Big Data gives us unprecedented insights into the what and why of our operations, so get a Big Data App that will go beyond traditional descriptive analytics and into prescriptive analytics.  Imagine better ways to forecast and meet the needs of your customers.

Make your data work for you.

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