AI Platform for Analysts

Empowering Analysts to use machine learning & AI to solve business problems and make a positive impact to their bottom line.

Why AI

Call it augmented intelligence or artificial intelligence, AI has finally graduated from experimentation to seeing real-life benefits in Enterprises. It is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption paving the way for digital transformation for those who embrace it. Enterprises across industry verticals are adopting AI to gain strategic advantage over their competitors, provide greater value to their customers, excite their employees, become more efficient and continue to innovate. While the technologies, frameworks and libraries in AI space are changing at a fast pace, the intent to use and gain from AI remains constant.

Why Numtra

Numtra has figured out the secret sauce of success for Enterprises. Empower Analysts. Enable them to use ML & AI to solve business problems, turning them into citizen data scientists. Not all Enterprises need professional data scientists and ML engineers. But many need citizen data scientists - Analysts and developers that need to be data savvy, data driven and get insights from data to help improve their company’s bottom-line. The Numtra AI Platform is here to help them in this endeavor. They will even enjoy the thrill of solving problems creatively!

Numtra vs Traditional Way

Numtra AI Platform uses AutoML to empower Analysts to quickly and easily build accurate predictive models in hours, not days or weeks

What sets Numtra apart

The world’s easiest AI Platform

Built from the ground up for Business Analysts

The focus is on business, not technology

Auto-FE, Auto-ML, Auto-Deploy & Auto-Scale

Results in hours, not days or weeks

Most economical price point out there

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